Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tattoo on Lip Ideas


Lip Tattoo Ideas


The Tattoos On Lip Ideas

I'm honest: I've never seen one of these in public, nor have I ever kissed any girl who had so perfect I consider myself a novice when it comes to lip tattoos are concerned. Is to say that should not be easy to discover if someone has one. In any form, I find it super striking a tattoo to go on the inside of the lip.

As there are almost no places for tattooing, is increasingly being used to search for unconventional places to be tattooed. And lip tattoo is a fairly recent trend.

As we see in some of these images, often accompanied by other decorations as well as piercings and other decorative objects. They are usually written in one word, or a very small design, to be read when someone shows the inside of his lip.

Now : think well what's the word that you, because there are very little room for tattooing. I wonder if it will hurt

And if you want you can leave the mustache.

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